What Is Web Application Penetration Testing?

As companies realize that modern day customers like to do a lot of transactions on their phones, there is a rush in the market to provide customer-friendly platforms and applications where customers can enjoy a company’s services at the convenience of their fingertips. As more internet-based applications dominate the markets, so too has the number of hackers preying on the same. Weaknesses and flaws in application defences have caused real-world thefts of millions of dollars and major financial losses to corporates and consumers alike.

How Can We Help Prevent It?

Penetration testing is considered “ethical hacking” with the sole intention of finding any chinks in the armour when it comes to applications and their security features. Any weaknesses could be identified, noted down and improved upon before finalizing the application for service. Most companies question whether it is necessary, recent statistics of cyber-attacks all around the world have certainly deemed it necessary in the modern corporate world. These web-based applications are considered a common vector of attack. The fact that your application has been tested is something you could market to your customers, instilling confidence in them about your ability to safeguard their information. The very fact that this software is linked to the internet means they are essentially globally accessible.

What a Company Would Gain From Testing

A company would be able to evaluate their security posture in the context of the application they use. You would also gain knowledge about the natures of any possible attacks on your application. Knowing what’s out there is something that could help a company to anticipate the worst of scenarios. There are many companies specializing in penetration testing or “ethical hacking” all around the world. Take Australia, where cyber-attacks are a reality in their corporate world. So it is natural that you find companies who are professionals in penetration testing Melbourne. Testing would result in detailed reports containing a priority order for improvements in security. Getting those recommended upgrades in security would minimize the chances of your company suffering from a data breach.

Make It a Customized Solution for Your Company

Your company would not have the same security features or platform as the next. Penetration testing would allow you to see what information security solution you can provide to your company. It might be a combination of techniques used such as HTTP security, Internal security and Input validation. All these could combine to give you the best possible solutions to your internet security problems. Different applications would need different methods of testing to check their efficiency in safeguarding your information. Seek professional assistance in this. A stimulated cyber attack is one of the best-proven ways to enhance the defence of your WAF’s and this would also check on how persistently an unwelcome presence can exploit a chink in your software. Usually hacking techniques are known to exist within a system to slowly drain out any potentially valuable information. Be warned, the cyber world is a dangerous place.

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