Do You Need GPS in Your Boat?

Before, it is hard for sailors to know where they exactly are and where they are going especially when they have already lost sight of land. They have to rely on navigating devices such as compass, maps, celestial navigation, and other old ways of navigating the waters.

With the help of technology these days, navigating the seas is now a lot easier and convenient with so many high-tech navigation devices available on boat shops. One of the most useful gadgets is the boat GPS. It helps a lot in finding your location and knowing where to go even when you have less visibility while sailing. Does your boat need a GPS device? Here are some of the best reasons why you should invest in one.

How Does It Work?

First of all, a GPS device works using satellite navigation system. The GPS can determine your exact location wherever you are by sending and receiving signals from these satellites. Since some features of marine GPS devices can’t be found on smartphones, you need to purchase a receiver that is designed for the purpose of marine navigation itself. Once you’ve decided to buy a GPS device for your boat, you should decide about the type of GPS you need.

Different Types of GPS Devices

There are several types of GPS devices available for marine navigation.

·         Portable

Also known as handheld GPS, this device is perfect to use on smaller vessels like paddleboards, kayaks, and small boats since you can just carry them with you when you’re going out to sail. They don’t rely on the boat for power supply and have their own display screen to show you the information. Although they are handheld, they could be mounted on the dashboard for easy access especially when your hands are busy operating the boat.

·         Fixed-Mount

If you have a bigger boat or vessel, a fixed-mount GPS just like Garmin GPS is a better option for you. Fixed-mount GPS have bigger display screens and need power supply from the boat to function. Although it is not that portable and transferable, you can enjoy more features with it compared to the portable models.

·         Multifunction

Multifunction displays are a perfect choice if you have a large vessel. Since it features multifunction displays, you can integrate a variety of features into one screen. For instance, aside from GPS, you can also see the weather, radar, sonar, and other features on the screen. Multifunction displays are also perfect for smaller boats especially if you have issues with space in the dashboard.

Other Features

Aside from aiding in navigation, boats GPS can also help guide the boat on which direction to steer especially when it is on autopilot mode. You can also use its locating feature on emergency situations when you need to send the exact location of your boat to get help immediately.

Boat GPS offers a lot of advantages that buying one is definitely a good investment for your convenience and safety as well.

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