Top Tips to Make Your Smartphone More Secure

There is nothing we depend on more than our smartphone. It is not just a phone from which we make occasional calls. It is our camera, our wallet, our gaming device, and it is our most trusted tool with all our sensitive information.

With many mobile phones being stolen on a daily basis all over the country, it is high time that you put these top-level tips into action and protect those important messages, documents and other information you don’t want falling into the wrong hands.

Update Your Software

Always remember to update your software. Apart from all the fun emojis, the software updates always come with great ways to block all the security loopholes they had in their previous software versions. Whether you are using Android, iOS or even Windows, you should always remember to update the software as soon as you receive the notification.

Don’t Worry About Buying Refurbished Smartphones

In contrast to the popular opinion, refurbished smartphones offer secured options just as the brand new phones. Refurbished phones are a better choice in comparison with the pre-owned or used phones since they undergo a meticulous hardware and software repairs before they fall into your hands. However, you can always double-check with your refurbished mobile phones seller if the phone you wish to buy has been through necessary resetting processes to erase previously stored information and make way for yours.

Use a Secure Lock Screen

Never back down from setting up a passcode to your phone; regardless of how short and basic it is. Remember to always navigate to your security settings and enable a passcode that cannot easily be figured out.

Fingerprint scanner is a great option too. Some believe this is even safer than the 4-digit passcode. If you are given the option in your smartphone, do not forget to activate it. This will not only come in handy when you are in a rush, but is also a great way to secure your phone.

Nevertheless, however much fun others seem to be experiencing, facial ID just might not be the best security option out there. Many have debunked the popular opinion of facial ID being safer than other options. Therefore even if your phone offers this option, you should choose a safer way to lock your phone.

Install an Antivirus Software in Your Phone

This seems like an obvious tip if you are thinking of desktop computers. The risk of data stored in your phone being leaked into the wrong hands might be something you want to avoid. If you are the type to constantly download less trustworthy, dodgy software, chances are that you might be affected by malicious viruses. Try out options such as McAfee, Lookout or even AVG that you can find in both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

However, the iUsers are less affected by this thanks to the strict control policies set forth by Apple.

Download lock code apps into your phone

Another way to protect any vital messages and documents stored in your phone is to add an extra layer of security through the lock code apps. Even though you have a passcode, if it falls into the wrong hands, your sensitive data still could be at risk.

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