6 Things to Consider Before Buying Vapes

Interested in vaping? You’ve come to the right place. The points below would fill you in on everything to consider before purchasing the cigarette alternatives.


Decide on what you want to vape. The most popular choice is e-liquids. But you could also vape CBD oil as well as herbs and waxes. CBD oil is a great choice if you want to relax; cannabidiol is the medicinal component of cannabis.

Why would you smoke e-liquids? You may be someone who’s trying to give up cigarettes. One of the reasons cigarettes is bad for you is due to the tar inside. The liquids are nicotine filled without the harmful carcinogens.

E-liquids come in all kinds of flavours. Go for something mild if you’re a newbie – some can be very strong. Mint would be a good choice. Of course, CBD oils have flavours too.


If you’re not careful, you could spend quite a bit on vapes. The pens start at around $20 and can sky-rocket. A more complex home-rig could be hundreds of dollars. They’re so expensive as you’ll get more flavour and a stronger hit from them.


Let’s talk about vape pens again. You can take them anywhere, as they come in a range of sizes; you’ll always find something that would fit your pocket. For anyone who’s a social smoker, they would be the most worth your time.


As vaporizers come in all kinds of shapes and styles, choose an option that would look good with you. Some shops offer custom designs. If you have the cash to spend, why not customize? To vapers, their vaporizer is a part of their outfit. Match yours with your personal aesthetic.

Skill Level

If you’re new to vaping, you probably shouldn’t purchase just any rig. Some are better fit for pros. These professional models let you make countless modifications. For someone who’s looking to just dip their toes in the water, know that there are pens that are disposable. They can only be used a couple of times and cost around $10.

This is where working with a reputed shop is important. They’d consider your skillset and set you up with the right vaporizer and e-liquid. If you’re in Melbourne vape shop and dispensaries in the area are thankfully very helpful.


Where will you be smoking? You may be someone that’s constantly on the road; you won’t be able to use just any vaporizer. The option you get should let you attach accessories that would let your hands always be on the wheel.

Hopefully, you will be able to attach the device to a neck sling. This would make it much easier to carry than in your pocket.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to vaping, it’s much healthier than cigarettes. It’s arguably more fun too – you can purchase e-liquids in all kinds of flavours. From the points mentioned, one of the most important is your skillset. You probably shouldn’t pick up a complex rig if you’re a newbie.

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