How to Secure the Ideal Seats for Your Favourite Event!

Whether you are trying to see Pink, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Cats or Roger Federer in person, it goes without saying that no matter who your favourite star is, you want to reserve the best possible seats. There is also the little problem of plenty of others being interested in the exact same event you are, which complicates things a little bit. For whatever reason, sometimes you may not always be able to lock it in the way you want to, which can be understandably frustrating. And if you are the sort of person who only tends to go for events you really want to go for, it can feel even worse. Well, to help eliminate this issue at least a little, here are a few ways in which you can get your hands on great seats.

Pre-Sale Alerts

If you are buying your tickets online (which is usually the case lately), then make sure you sign up for pre-sale alerts. Most such sites should have this feature already incorporated, and some even prompt you during the registering process. This is incredibly useful, because usually the cream of seats tend to go to those who have inside pull, leaving the rest to the public. This way, you too get a chance to be ahead of the line, since you can reserve and book your tickets before they go on public sale.

Make a List of Favourites

These sites typically feature a lot of different artists and events, so much so sometimes that it can be difficult keeping track of them all. So what do you do? Make a list of favourites of course. Once this is saved on your account, they will be able to send you alerts only on the things you have shown an interest in say, Australian Open Tennis for example. This means that like the above point, you will have the upper hand. So if you have listed your favourites and have signed up for pre-sale alerts, you are good to go.

Check Back Often

Though there are times when events are sold out within a matter of minutes and you missed out even though you were glued to your screen, it pays to check back regularly. There are often many cancellations, and tickets become available again. You do need to keep a sharp eye out, but if it is about catching your favourite event, then it is also probably fully worth it. Never give up assuming you have lost all chances of going, you never know what could turn around.


Ticket sites also tend to offer discounts and promotions, so this is another thing you have to be mindful of. Why not take advantage of a great deal if it is available? Sometimes, some sites tend to reward their most loyal customers, so if you have been purchasing several tickets from the same seller for a while, they may always upgrade you without you even asking for it. Again, you will need to keep your eyes peeled on this one because these deals do not linger around forever. You can even get your friends to help you, especially if all of you are hoping to go, and all of you are hoping to secure great seat options!


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