How to Make Money off Your Blog?

Blogs have turned into something that is really lucrative today and many people have taken to blogging as a livelihood as well. However in order for your blog to start generating money you should have a lot of careful planning and research to do. You should be aware of the technology that you can use in order to turn your blog from just that to your source of income. Here are some of the ways in which you can think about making money from your blog.

Advertisements Will Be Your Main Method

One of the simplest and most often used methods of making money off your blog would be to get the services of a pay per click agency. What this means is that the advertiser will be paying you when somebody clicks on their advert that has been placed on your blog. You can also use this method if you are going to just start a new blog and need some extra visibility. If you have a good enough flow of traffic into your blog and you just want to increase it, you can actually take it a step further and sell ads on your website. All you will need to do is let people know that the option is available with an ‘advertise here’ or a similar page on the blog. Here, lust out all the various ad formats and pricings that will be needed. You will also need to mention the traffic statistics for your pages so that potential advertisers can see it easily. Remember that the more traffic that you have the higher you will be able to sell ads for so make sure that your site is developed well before you start to advertise for sell ads.

Publishing Paid Reviews

If you have products and services that you genuinely trust, you will be able to make some money by publishing reviews of these on your blog. One of the best things about an arrangement like this is that you will be asking for a price per review that will be published. Based on the ranking of your site and the incoming traffic that you have you can even ask for anywhere between a hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars per review. However you should ideally be responsible when doing this and avoid publishing anything that comes from products and services that you do not know about. Always do your own research with the products and services that you choose to advertise as well.

Pop-Up Ads

Another option is pop-ups or sometimes pop-under adverts. Yes, there is a wide belief that many users and even bloggers actually do not like pop-ups but if you are looking to make some money off your site, this is still a very good option to explore. You can set a price per visitor and how many adverts will open to each visitor as well. If you want to start making an income out of your blog, these are some of the methods that you could try out.

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