Forex News: Where can I find it?

Knowledge is power, I know it’s a tired and dusty idiom but its true (and unfortunately why 95% of the internet’s articles start with it). The problem is when there is a torrent of information, the accurate news gets buried in the inaccurate. So where can you find accurate information? Here are few accurate sources for your forex news.

Going straight to the source is probably your best bet. not only has a great source of frequently updated news, but it also has other articles covering personal finance, investing, advanced investing and quotes.

The nice thing about this website is that intermixed with the news, there are also educational articles like the very interesting “Top 10 Stocks Under $20”, analysis’ and videos about today’s market happenings.

Arguably the granddaddy of financial market news, Bloomberg post practically around the clock, cover both macroeconomic data, market news, forex news and op pieces by industry leaders. Another great feature of Bloomberg has a regional version, which you can select to see the news specific to that region. Although the homepage is completely populated with market effecting news, there is even a specific much tighter scoped “Markets” section.

Bloomberg’s market section features indices information at the very top and features significant market news below.

If Bloomberg is the granddaddy of market news then is the granddaddy’s uncle – again you have the option to focus on a specific region, the news featured on its home page have a bit broader scope than the info you’ll find on its competitor Bloomberg. Of course, it breaks down into section that include Business, Investing, Technology, Entrepreneurs and a few more – so you can choose the type of news that affects the market you’re on.

Forbes is another extremely well -established and well-respected purveyor of both global and market news. It features content written by well-known market commentators and professionals. A great resource when you need a bit of industry insight.

Another great source for market moving news. If you are a forex trader you will find a cornucopia of both geopolitical and market news right on the front page. Just like its competitors it also has section specific to business and market news, along with politics, tech, commentary and more. focuses more on global events, not just market related news. This can give you a bit more insight into the general tone of currency markets – if the news are populated with apprehension, fear or instability – the market will likely respond (to the news not necessarily to Reuters).

Brokers Site’s/Platforms

Another great place to get market news is broker websites or their trading platforms. Many have dedicated areas in their websites for market news, financial events etc. Only a few FX brokers have financial calendars and news on their platforms either online or natively.

If you are a trader, news can be one of your most powerful tools. Knowing what is going on in the world can help you avoid unnecessary risk. Even seemingly insignificant news items can cause ripples in the market.

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