Dedicated Desks – What You Need To Know

As coworking has evolved, the concept has grown to include other amenities that make the workspace comfortable. Initially, the first coworking spaces conjured up visions of young programmers sitting around a workstation with a fast internet connection and a comfortable couch. Since its inception, the coworking space has grown and adapted into its current incarnation.

Australia’s coworking spaces have made office working much more comfortable by including some of the features of the modern office. The dedicated desk, long a favourite of the modern office, is now also a feature of the coworking space too. While the tendency for most professionals is to rent the more popular hot desk, there are also benefits to using a dedicated desk.

Let’s take a closer look at dedicated desks in coworking spaces and what you can expect when you utilise one.

How Does It Work?

The dedicated desk is simply a desk that is assigned to someone renting space in the office. More than just workspace, your dedicated desk is yours, and you can use it whenever you want. Typically, these desks are more expensive to rent than hot desk working stations, but there are some great advantages to using them.

The typical dedicated desk plan comes with a variety of amenities including IT services, access to conference and meeting rooms, support staff and other equipment. With coworking spaces that operate globally, businesses can find they benefit from using meeting space in other locations when travelling, and this meeting space is usually outfitted with the latest technologies. Whether travelling in Australia or abroad, the coworking space and the dedicated desk can make planning meetings much more convenient.

What Are Some Of The Perks?

The perks of renting the dedicated desk are many. For one, the dedicated desk provides you with some measure of privacy while you work. Those who rent do not have to worry about people peering onto their desks or their monitor while they are working. People who work with sensitive information might find this advantageous.

Another benefit to using the dedicated desk is you can personalise the space a little if permitted by coworking managers. Those who use the space also don’t have to worry about sharing space with others who might be messy or untidy. Finally, in the coworking space, the volume and the energy can be quite distracting and the dedicated space can be a quieter place to concentrate and get work completed.

And The Disadvantages?

One of the most obvious disadvantages of using the dedicated desk is that it does not plug you into the coworking community the way that the hot desk does. One of the main reasons that many people join coworking communities is because these communities offer their business the chance to network and form business relationships. If working at a dedicated desk, you don’t get the same exposure to the various industries that you would while working at a hot desk. Not that there are no other opportunities to engage the community, those choosing the dedicated desk will find that they can take advantage of the numerous coworking events, but they also have to take the initiative when introducing themselves to others in the coworking space.

Dedicated Desk Versus Hot Desking

The dedicated desk and the hot desk share one thing in common in that they are a part of the coworking scene and often times these offices are in centrally-located places in the city, namely the business districts. Not that one is better than the other, but for those whose work relies on discretion and a certain amount of privacy, the dedicated desk is probably a better option than the hot desk, which can be a draw for visitors throughout the day. In the coworking space, your dedicated desk can offer you the best of both worlds – the ability to work privately in an environment that promotes networking and social interaction.

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