6 Tips When Buying Second-Hand Car Parts

Buying a used auto-part is an art. We’ve run through everything to help you have the smoothest purchase possible.


As you’re buying the unit second-hand, the condition it comes in is important. You’re advised to do your research and work with whatever seller is offering the part in the best state. If its condition is not good, you’d have to pay soon to get it replaced.

You may be buying the part online. It would be hard for you to assess how it looks unless there are a lot of pictures. Ask the seller if it’d be possible for him to send you a video of the unit – a mechanic could look at it and tell you if the auto-part would be worthwhile or not.


You might be meeting the seller and picking the item up from him. Why not bring a mechanic with you? He would be able to assess the part much better than through pictures. He would also tell you if the unit would be worth its price or not.

Speaking of mechanics, how easy would the part be to attach? It may be a very old model – there aren’t any mechanics near you that are able to install it.


Run through the part’s OEM number against the OEM database – you’d be able to tell if it’s genuine or not. What would also help would be running the VIN number against the VIN data base.

When buying car parts online, regardless of whether they’re used or not, sellers almost always place the two codes.

Pick-Up Spot

Let’s discuss you picking the auto-part from a seller and not getting it delivered again. Be wise with where you’ll be meeting them. Why not meet the seller outside of a police station? This would keep anyone with ill-intent away.

Buying a used car outside of a police station is especially a good idea. The police officer could go through the documents to make sure you’re not buying a stolen vehicle.


Ask the seller the complete history of the work done to the part. There unfortunately may have been quite of lot of repairs done to it, which is why it looks new. But on the inside, its condition is deteriorating. The best options wouldn’t be that old. And they would come with the most extensive histories possible – you’d learn a lot about them.

Not just the repair history, but find out how many owners have owned what you’re thinking of buying. It may have been in quite a few vehicles.


As the item is second-hand, it will cost less than half that of newer counterparts. But go through listings so you find a seller offering the auto-part for the best possible rate.

Final Thoughts

There’s a multitude of things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing a second-hand auto-part. From everything discussed, the most crucial would be whether the car part is in a good condition or not. Hopefully, the seller will offer an extensive history of everything that was done to it.

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